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Let Your True Colors Shine Through


What makes an art workshop an unforgettable and transformative experience? Workshops can be much more than a place where technique is taught and practiced.

What if your workshops were juicy and nurturing adventures inviting participants to replenish, play, and reconnect with their artistic vision?


I am an experienced high school art teacher with a long list of skills in a variety of art media.  I have a bigger vision for my life and my contribution to the world.  I am being called to light up the world around me with my joy, my vibrancy, and my passion for life through the medium of art. I am inspired to elevate others in letting go of the struggle and deepening their connection to the mystery through the creative process.


My list of workshop topics is only the surface of what I offer. 


As a workshop leader, I take a holistic approach to gently guiding a group into a supportive and welcoming community.  Making art is sacred work. It is a creation born through Spirit and has an intelligence deeply encoded within it. No matter what that art looks like it is a doorway into deeper knowing and connection to the mystery. That is why we return to it and are called to keep creating throughout our lives.  People create to have an experience with themselves and their inner muse, not to just watch the art instructor paint. Nondenominational prayer, meditation, music, movement, reflection, ritual, sharing, and contact with nature are essential elements in my teaching process.


If you find this approach appealing I hope you will take a leap of faith and reach out to me.  If the list below doesn’t resonate I am happy to invent a custom course just for you.


I am blocking dates now for 2024 and 2025. 


A Workshop can be several hours or several days.  My signature programs are; 

  • "Painting Joy" A watercolor workshop where we uncover personalized visual symbols that inspire joy and provide you with clues for ways to bring more effervescence into your life and your art. (3 Days)


  • "Let In The Light" A watercolor workshop on understanding how to employ light and tonal value to create watercolors with more dimension and impact. We will create watercolor in 4 easy steps using a limited palette. (3 Days)

  • "What's Your Story?"; How to create an effective and targeted artist statement. (1 Day)

  • "Portrait Watercolors in 4 Steps"; How to quickly and easily draw the human head from any angle using a system created by Andrew Loomis, then quickly layering rich colors which capture the beauty of your subject. (4 Days)

  • "Clear Composition Cues" 4 steps to make most of your important decisions before you go to your final paper or canvas. Includes many shortcuts to reduce your struggles later on. (2 Days)

  • "Metta-fours" An intuitive workshop incorporating prayer, movement, music, and creative expression based on the power and symbols of four; seasons, directions, elements, agreements, the fourfold way, etc. (2 Days or 4 Days)​

  • "Making Space" Ten cues for making believable three-dimensional space appear inside a two-dimensional format.  These can add depth to abstracts as well as landscapes from observation. (1 Day or 3 Days)

I have worked with many local clubs, guilds, and other organizations to provide:



I will provide positive and encouraging feedback that helps your members to break through whatever is blocking them with a particular artwork.  This is informative and illuminating not only for the person who created the artwork but for everyone listening.



I will select the award winners and write a brief and enthusiastic critique about what I loved in the winning artworks.


Invite me to "teach" a skills lesson to your members.  This will take about one hour or less. Among the topics I can address are; Depth of Space,  Compositional Tools, Tonal Value,  The Loomis Method, Creating an Artist Statement.

Video Tutorials:

I can create a permanent video or Powerpoint tutorial for your organization giving step-by-step instruction in your choice of a particular art skill or technique.

Please reach out to me to discuss possible dates and fees.  

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