I am available for one day or multi day workshops in drawing, painting and mindfulness.  Advance your technical skills in composition, color, drawing, painting in oil or watercolor or combine yoga with meditative drawing practices.

I have worked with many local clubs, guilds and other organizations to provide:



I will select the award winners and write a brief and enthusiastic critique about what I loved in the winning artworks.


Invite me to "teach" a skills lesson to your members.  This will take about one hour or less. Among the topics I can address are; Depth of Space,  Compositional Tools, Color Value,  The Loomis Method, Coordinating Light and Shadow.


A Workshop can be several hours or several days.  My signature programs are; 

  • "Artistic Voice":  Inquiry and practice will guide participants in discovering their unique gifts, interests and history in a way that opens them up to new possibilities for their artistic practice,

  • "Color Theory" an exploration through study and application which simplifies this difficult subject making it easy to understand and apply.

  • "Depth of Space" which reviews the cues for making believable three dimensional space appear inside a two dimensional format then applies them to landscapes from observation.


I will provide positive and encouraging feedback that helps your members to break through whatever is blocking them with a particular artwork.  This is informative and illuminating not only for the person who created the artwork but for everyone listening.


Video Tutorials:

I can create a permanent video or Powerpoint tutorial for your organization giving step-by-step instruction in your choice of a particular art skill or technique.

Please reach out to me to discuss possible dates and fees.