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Susan Convery

Art Teacher/Coach

High School Students

Build an Art Portfolio that makes you stand out when applying to top ranked, ivy league universities, fine arts colleges or high schools. 


An art portfolio is not simply a collection of your artwork. It is a compilation of carefully selected and photographed images which demonstrate your thinking, your artistic and your technical talent. It is a visual résumé of your dedication as a student designed to make you stand apart from thousands of other applicants. 

If you’re a visual thinker, willing to push the boundaries of your own work and serious about improving your options for college, I want to hear from you! Schedule a time to discuss how I can collaborate with you to build a portfolio that will give you the greatest chance for success.


All Artist/Students receive:

Improved technical skills:

  • How to perceive and represent light/shadow on the form,  

  • Observation vs. Perception

  • Composition - Arranging visual elements for optimal impact

  • Color theory - Using color for its emotional content

  •  Depth of space - Creating the illusion on a two-dimensional surface 

  • Human figure proportions and expressions

  • Envision - Incorporating planning and revision into your process

Improved technique using a variety of media: 

  • oil

  • watercolor

  • gouache

  • acrylic

  • pastel

  • charcoal 

  • colored pencil


Advice regarding the use of tools: 

  • brushes, 

  • palette knives, 

  • texturing media, 

  • drawing shortcuts, 



  • A pathway out of the place where you get “stuck”

  • New questions to expand exploration/experimentation, perception

  • Trust in your ability to express your own ideas with imagery 

  • Recognition of your individual “vision” or “voice”

  • Problem-solving support for your artistic exploration and experimentation 



  • You will create your goals and I will be the support you need to engage and persist until you reach them.

  • Reflection on accomplishments and improvement as part of the artistic process


Understanding of the Art World:

Application of art history and knowledge of the questions and processes that engage the greater art world


As your teacher/coach I am committed to:


Nurturing your development,

Offering positive, supportive guidance 


Challenging your perceptions and beliefs. 


I will encourage you to take risks and allow me to help you find your way through and over the obstacles you encounter. 


I will recommend specific art courses and competitions at local clubs, guilds and institutions to further enhance your growth and make the best use of your time. 

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