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Master Class for High School Students

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When should students begin preparing a college application art portfolio?

It is highly recommended to start SOON, BEFORE the summer of their junior year of high school. But they can start as late as the summer before senior year.


Why should artistically-minded students prepare a college application art portfolio?

An Art Portfolio makes them stand out from the crowd when applying to top-ranked universities, fine arts colleges, or high schools.


What should go into an art portfolio?

An art portfolio is not simply a collection of artwork. It is a compilation of carefully selected and photographed images that demonstrate critical thinking, artistic and technical talent. It is a visual résumé of the dedication of the student designed to make them stand apart from the thousands of other applicants.


If you have a  student who is a visual thinker, willing to push the boundaries of their own work, and serious about improving their options for college, I want to hear from you!


On Zoom or in my home near University Blvd & Peters Road in Plantation, FL


  1. Hourly = $130

  2. Prepaid Package of 10 One Hour Sessions (Valid for 12 months) =$1,150 

  3. Prepaid Package of 20 One Hour Sessions (Valid for 12 months) = $2,000


Full credit given for notice of non-attendance 24+ hours in advance, 50% credit with 12-23 hours notice.  No credit with less than 12 hours notice of non-attendance.

Private Coaching Advantages:

I  work from home and my teaching is all about providing personalized support, direction, connection, and accountability to a very small number of private students. 


My time is flexible; I am available after school, nights, and weekends. I return every phone call or email within 24 hours.


I  teach in person at my home or over Zoom

In addition, I have had students stay with me over school holidays so we can work more intensively on their portfolios.  I am also available to guide or accompany you, and/or your student on college tours 


My home studio is set up for me to be able to teach all forms of drawing and painting and I have good lighting for evening classes.  In good weather, we can even paint outside on my covered porch. I am conveniently located near major highways in western Fort Lauderdale.


I provide a monthly email report to the student, and the parents summarizing what we covered in class and any concerns or celebrations that merit attention.


I use Google Classroom to communicate with my students and to give them access to all of my teaching materials.


I help them to photograph and edit the digital images of their artwork so they are clean, correctly sized, and will stand out from the competition.

I assist in image selection for each particular college along with editing of customized essays. 


My portfolio students create a personal website where they keep an inventory of all of their work, their awards, and where they practice writing about their artistic intentions. 

I teach critical life skills such as planning, editing, collaborating, risk taking and revision.


We practice writing and speaking about art for college and AP essays.


My students are given links and suggestions for local and national competitions where they have the opportunity to earn recognition.

I provide guidance in the selection of summer precollege and internships and advice on the application process.

Each student also receives a detailed and personalized recommendation letter.

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