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I had the good fortune to participate in Joan Fullerton’s Gold Coast Watercolor Society workshop in November. Joan led us on a wildly expressive trek over 4 busy days of mixed media abstract painting. There were 18 ladies from a variety of art backgrounds and experience levels. Joan’s fearless freedom on the canvas gave us permission to make big mistakes and experiment with our “usual” approach to art. By Friday, all participants had a body of work unique to their own style and “voice” that we were proud to show and share with everyone else. It felt really great to get outside my comfort zone and try something completely different. We had lots of fun with the enormous Gold Coast art supplies flea market (the proceeds provide low-income children a week of summer camp at Young at Art with all meals included) arranged by Tammy Seymour and everyone ended up buying lots of new art supplies to experiment with new colors and media for a very small investment. Thank you, Joan! Thank you Tammy and Jennifer for organizing this great event! More of this, please!



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