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What to See: Ike Ude "Select Portraits


One East Las Olas Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

NSU Art Museum is a premier destination for exhibitions and programs which aim to challenge viewers’ perceptions of the world around them. The Museum draws from its collection for exhibitions exploring issues that resonate with the South Florida community and contribute to productive discussions that address identity, inequalities, and injustices, encourage empathy and compassion and inspire wonder.

Ike Ude’s “Sartorial Anarchy” portraits feature the artist dressed in costumes that traverse geography and time. Through his art, Ude explores a world of dualities, blurring the lines between photographer and performer, artist and spectator. Ude says this about the series: “Clothes and accessories are after all the index of a culture - it locates one at a geography/time. Even within a specific geography/time, fashion further informs one’s class, religion, profession, habits, etc. In light of this, a cross-pollination of masculine sartorial ciphers across time and cultures bear quite a remarkable result, as you can see. Alas! This time, it is fashion, it seems - not politics - that makes strange bedfellows.” Ike Ude, “Sartorial Anarchy”


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