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Welcome to the Cr8V Soul tribe

For the last few years I’ve felt the excitement of something inside me stirring, changing, and calling me to draw together a community of artists, visionaries and emerging art creators who want to nourish, develop, and tune in to their creative voice.

If you’re here, perhaps it's because, like me, you believe that creativity is a sacred practice. It brings us home to our soul, our sense of purpose and belonging, back home to our heart. When we create from our growing edge and share it with others, we feel fully alive, vibrant and connected to all that is.

Together we can create all kinds of art, we can share joy, fun, curiosity, mindfulness and full self-expression. Please join me in liberating our creative spirit and creating passionate art.

Take a look at my programs, my private events, my book club, and my classes below and follow the links to sign up.

If you’ve been wanting to start an artistic practice or create a strong portfolio of work now is a great time to begin. Reach out to schedule a conversation with me so we can tailor a program that’s just the right fit for you.

With Love & Creative Blessings,



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