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The Art of Abundance

Does something in your life call you into generosity - into a space larger than your own “play small” story? Can you give yourself permission to move slowly and release your artistic fruit when it is ripe and perfect? Can you create beauty without attachment to who receives it? Like me, you were born to create beauty, to give generously, live abundantly, and appreciate the blessings waiting all around you for you to notice their presence. Teaching beauty is what I have to offer and I’m blessed when I share what I know with you.

Every June I am abundantly blessed. Daily I am reminded of what it means to have more than you need, to be presented with an opulent overflow of scent, taste, color, and beauty. My backyard hosts a majestic 40-foot tall mango tree. She is my teacher. She does not ask for my collaboration, for my effort, or even my prayers. She asks only for appreciation from me. In her slow and patient fashion, she transmutes the Florida sun and rain into a gift of a thousand wondrous golden fruits, each one sweeter than honey, each one dressed in the colors of the sunset. From early June to late September I step onto the wet grass each morning to gather my blessings waiting for me like fat red and orange Easter eggs. Each one is a spectacle of color; glazed in red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and many shades of green. Slice one open and inside is the embodiment of golden sunlight, a smell so sweet it attracts families of birds, lizards, and fish to feed on any bruised or imperfect fruits.

Some days there are more than 40 mangos waiting to be collected in my basket and displayed in my kitchen window. The abundance is so great that I must reach out to others and share with my friends, my colleagues, and even my dog. All year long I collect grocery bags so I can deliver this abundance to everyone I know. Long absent friends just happen to drop by and leave laden with fruit for smoothies, chutney pickles, and fruit salad, and neighbors receive anonymous gifts on their doorsteps, even my accountant has taken to calling me the “Mango Queen”. All winter long, frozen mango supplies drinks for visitors, spicy chutney, and sweet, golden smoothies to light up my blue days. I have a personal core “story” that: “I am not enough, I don’t have enough, and I don’t do enough” to deserve unearned blessings. Whenever I am down it is connected to the smallness of this feeling. For more than 10 years this tree has been teaching me a different lesson - one of abundance and generosity. Generosity blesses the giver and the receiver. The tree gives generously and asks for nothing in return. She creates because creating is what she was born to do and I imagine her joy in what she produces. She works slowly and patiently, and for many months it appears she is doing nothing, just resting and sleeping. Yet every year she supplies more and more beautiful mangos than the year before. Each mango is delivered in its own time, each one as large and as perfect as mango can be. And she shares just as generously with the iguanas as she does with her most ardent admirers. I am truly grateful for her example and for the way she moves me into the space of grounding and gratitude as I step into her shade each morning.

Reach out if you would like guidance on creating more abundantly.

With Love & Creative Blessings, Susan Convery


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