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Summer Art Portfolio Classes

When should students begin preparing a college application art portfolio?

It is highly recommended to start SOON, BEFORE the summer of their junior year of high school. But they can start as late as the summer before senior year.

Why should artistically-minded students prepare a college application art portfolio?

An Art Portfolio makes them stand out from the crowd when applying to top-ranked universities, fine arts colleges or high schools.

What should go into an art portfolio?

An art portfolio is not simply a collection of artwork. It is a compilation of carefully selected and photographed images which demonstrate critical thinking, artistic and technical talent. It is a visual résumé of the dedication of the student designed to make them stand apart from the thousands of other applicants.

How to build a successful art portfolio?

If you have a student who is a visual thinker, willing to push the boundaries of their own work and serious about improving their options for college, I want to hear from you! Schedule a time to discuss how she can collaborate with you to build a portfolio that will give your student the greatest chance for success.

Susan Convery recently retired from 8 years as the advanced drawing and painting high school art teacher at American Heritage School in Plantation FL. Her students received national accolades and were accepted into top-ranked Ivy League Universities and art colleges often with significant scholarships.

She offers private, highly personalized summer classes to artistically-minded US & international students virtually on Zoom and in person at her home in Plantation, FL.


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