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Live and In-Person!!

Many of you have reached out to me asking when I will be offering adult group classes. The time is now! Starting January 4, 2022, I will be hosting a group class in my home studio in Plantation.

We will meet every Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

No experience is required and this group will be limited to 6 people. (If enough of you are interested I will open up a second class on another day.)

Whether your goal is to improve in drawing, portraiture, composition, watercolor, oil, or acrylic, the experience will be enjoyable and fun. You will feel nurtured and supported as you develop your ability to visually express your innermost world. You will benefit from the collegial group atmosphere and peer input on your artwork and ideas.

Everyone in our group class will be working on something different which may include different media, different subject matter, different goals, and different skill levels.

Each week we will begin class with feedback on work accomplished and you will have the opportunity to articulate your intentions, successes, and failures.

The second part of the class will be devoted to supervised art creation and skill building with instant feedback and guidance.

There will be weekly prompts, guided lessons on technique, exercises, and reflections. For the first month, I will introduce confidence-building drawing and watercolor techniques.

Since everyone will be working independently, materials are not included.

Please reach out to me if this sounds like fun to you.

Details on pricing for this class are available on this page


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