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Cr8v Soul October Art Book Club Selection :

by Joe Fassler (Editor), Roxane Gay (Contributor)

LIGHT THE DARK collects the best of The Atlantic‘s much-acclaimed “By Heart” series edited by Joe Fassler and adds brand new pieces, each one paired with a striking illustration. What inspires you? That’s the simple, but profound question posed to forty-six renowned authors. Each writer begins with a favorite passage from a novel, a song, a poem—something that gets them started and keeps them going with the creative work they love. From there, incredible lessons and stories of life-changing encounters with art emerge.

One reviewer commented: Reading this book felt like sitting down for coffee with some of the best writers of our time and picking their brain about the genesis of their relationship with writing, where they derive inspiration, their writing process, and what they love about writing. For anyone who's ever been curious about creative minds and dabbled in writing themselves, this is the book for you

Please join Lark Keeler and me along with friends known and new on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm for our next meeting.


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