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Here’s how to host an online Zoom painting party:

  • Choose a project from the list on the website, or let me know if you have something special in mind you’d like me to create. 

  • Pick a project that’s pretty easy. Seriously, the real point of any party, whether it’s in person or virtual, a craft party or a cocktail party, is actually social. The crafts are just a means to an end. So make sure the project is easy enough that there’s still plenty of time to chat!

  • Choose a date a week or two in advance in case we need to order or send any supplies to your guests, you have to make sure your party is scheduled after all of the supplies arrive.

  • Invite friends who know each other or at least one other guest. A virtual party is probably not the time to try and get friends who don’t know each other together because side conversations and small talk are pretty much impossible. A good number of people is probably somewhere between 3 and 10. Too many and it’s really hard to figure out what people are saying on video calls.

  • Consider a theme. Maybe ask everyone to wear a funny hat or fancy jewelry or make their favorite fruity cocktail and share the recipe. Anything to keep it lighthearted and add to the bonding will work!


Make sure your invitation includes:

  • Date and time

  • Virtual location including URL and any relevant passwords or logins needed.

  • Description of the art project.

  • Whether or not you’re sending any supplies.

  • A list of any supplies or tools your friends need to gather before the party. This might include things like scissors, a ruler, a pencil, tape, newspaper to cover the table etc.


On the day of the party:


Set up an art space near your Zoom computer. 

To create a virtual studio, simply cover your work surface with an inexpensive plastic table cloth, or newspaper, wear an apron, old shirt or a smock to protect your clothing and you’ve got an art studio - right in your own home! Acrylic paint is washable when wet but permanent when dry so please cover the carpet with newspaper or plastic in case of spills.


Participants are advised to check and make sure they understand how to use Zoom and have the best internet connection possible before joining class. 


Minimize background noise. This is not the time for music, barking dogs, spouses or partners on a conference call, or other distractions.


Make sure the room you’ll be in has good lighting that works with your camera. For example, my office is great for video calls in the daytime, but at night, even with lamps on, it’s too dark for anyone to see what I’m doing with a project.


Forget the virtual backgrounds. I know virtual backgrounds are fun but to do crafts together you need to be able to see things people hold up or what their hands are doing, and virtual backgrounds can do weird things like cut off your arm if you turn the wrong way. Plus, you’re with your friends, they don’t care how messy your living room is anyway!


Set an end time. Seriously. Otherwise it’s hard to signal in a video call when you’re ready to go to bed. It’s not like you can start cleaning the kitchen or turn off the music to let guests know you want them to leave.


My last bit of advice is, don’t put too much pressure on yourself as the host. If the project you pick is a total fail then you can all laugh about how bad it is together. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you planned. The point is to spend time with people you like and have a little fun with a shared experience!


My commitment:

  • Have a demo project prepared in advance. This way you will have an example to show what the finished project should look like and I can advise you if there are any additional supplies needed or any tricky parts that need better explanation

  • to provide a soothing space where people feel safe, supported and connected.

  • No previous experience is necessary for you and your loved ones to enjoy quality time together learning to paint one-step-at-a-time. Artistic license is encouraged and friendly supportive guidance is offered.

  • I will break the project down into 5-10 minute steps, giving everyone a chance to catch up and answer any specific questions.

  • Unless you have your own Zoom account I’ll schedule the Zoom call, email the Zoom link to all registered participants and conduct the class on Zoom at the agreed to date/time.

Step by Step:​

  1. We will have brief introductions, answer any questions

  2. Review materials and procedures for the project & using Zoom

  3. Demonstrate the project materials and first steps

  4. Allow time for conversation, work and discovery as the artworks are angled away from the camera.

  5. The big reveal - When time is up, everyone will turn their masterpieces around at the same time for a big reveal! It will be fun to see every person’s individual take on the same artwork.

  6. Please let me know if you want to include time for any special rituals such cake and/or song


If you choose to order the optional art kit I will prepare a bag of supplies for each registered guest and deliver them to your doorstep several days before the event. Art Kits are available only for local delivery.



Once the session is over, everyone will have created their very own masterpiece!

I will share the Powerpoint with step-by-step instructions and links after the party.

Everyone leaves with a smile and a great piece of art they’ll cherish for years to come.

Each person’s painting will be unique and everyone will remember the day they painted their masterpieces!

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