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Art Class

The Benefits of a Teacher who is also your Coach:


Becoming an artist is a complex process, and you will encounter resistance, obstacles and frustration.  It helps to have a powerful and supportive ally already familiar with the road ahead.

An artist needs;

  • a fertile, flexible mind,

  • engagement with curiosity,

  • a desire to solve layered, complicated problems,

  • patience with imperfection, 

  • a hunger for perfection 

  • a nurturing environment that encourages growth and experimentation. 


Art is a way of life as much as a career.  Allow me to guide and encourage you as you explore further along this path.


I come at this from three powerful angles; 1) a certified teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching artists in a variety of media,  2)  a published illustrator who has published two books and 3) a working artist who has struggled with and overcome the same challenges you are experiencing...

I spend hundreds of hours in conversation with my students, and I know the patterns and pitfalls that are holding you back.  With me as your trusted guide,  you will get the one-on-one support, guidance, and accountability you need.

First Meeting:

Each program begins with a  one-on-one first meeting where I will review your current portfolio of work with fair, honest and constructive feedback about your expectations for artistic development.

Commitment, goal setting, visioning and learning gaps will be assessed and addressed, as will specific learning outcomes, college requirements, application processes and career choices.

Personalized Curriculum:

You will receive a personal study curriculum with individualized assignments that combine observational skills with personal concepts to create a theme and a range of work that addresses exactly what it is you want to accomplish.  I will mentor you and provide a system that, over time, expands your capability and understanding of the techniques and art concepts you need to produce artwork you love. 


I will advise specific art courses at high school, pre-college programs, and other institutions to further develop your portfolio and make the best use of your time. My coaching skills allow me to help you customize a practice that empowers you to create in your own personal way.

Class Format:

Everyone in our group class will be working on something different which may include different media, different subject matter, different goals, and different skill levels. Each week we will begin class with feedback on work accomplished and you will have the opportunity to articulate your intentions, success, and failures. 


You will benefit from the collegial group atmosphere and peer input on your artwork and ideas..  The second half of the class will be devoted to supervised art creation with instant feedback and guidance.

Weekly Accomplishments:

 Each week will begin with feedback on work accomplished and you will have the opportunity to articulate your intentions, success and failures.  You will be encouraged to articulate your thinking about art orally, and in writing. 

I will recommend national and local competitions to generate additional recognition and scholarship opportunities.  

Portfolio Assignments:

will be re-evaluated and revised over time as you develop to create the strongest possible result. Assignments will include research and writing about art as well as art creation in a variety of media.  More than half of our weekly class will be devoted to supervised art creation with instant feedback and guidance. All correction will be given with the end goal of encouraging you to engage more deeply with the work.

Personal Commitment:

As your teacher/coach, I am committed to nurturing your development, to offering positive, supportive guidance while challenging your perceptions and beliefs. I pass all my learning on to you, when it’s relevant to your goals.  Most importantly, I know that your artwork has to come out in your way and your style.


Group Classes are on hold at this time.

If you have a group you would like to bring into my studio please reach out to me.

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