Sacred Sisters Artist Sangha

A sangha is a community of truth-seekers: friends practicing together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness.

Waterside Women


This is not a time to "go it alone". The essence of a sangha is community, understanding, acceptance, harmony, and love.  A supportive sangha can be a group of friends who are motivated by the same ideals and practices.  In this artist sangha we gather together to work on our creative projects, share a meal as well as our inspirations, our latest marketing ideas, and provide encouragement for each other as we work towards our artistic goals.   The community becomes the fertile soil for the seed of our artistic growth.  This seed will blossom into the happiness and fortune of greater love and understanding for ourselves and success for our creations.


This group will meet bi-weekly for two evening hours at my home starting in November 2020.  Please reach out to me if this sounds like something for you to let me know what days & times work best for you. 



$25 per session to cover food, etc.