The Cr8V Soul Artist book club is metamorphosing into the Cr8V Soul Artist round table.

Starting on January 10th and then on the second Monday of every month Lark Keeler and I will lead a deep dive discussion of an art topic that we find fascinating and want to share with you.

We will critique and analyze important paintings, discuss artists and artwork being shown in our area, read and talk about new discoveries in the art world, things we’ve seen, what inspires us, what puzzles us, and more. Every month will be something different.

You are invited to join our discussion. No research required - just an open mind and a desire to share your thoughts and opinions.

Topics will be posted on my website and in my newsletters. Our discussions will be held over Zoom from the comfort of your own home in whichever part of the world you find yourself.

Many of you have reached out to me asking when I will be offering adult group classes. The time is now! Starting January 4, 2022, I will be hosting a group class in my home studio in Plantation.

We will meet every Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

No experience is required and this group will be limited to 6 people. (If enough of you are interested I will open up a second class on another day.)

Whether your goal is to improve in drawing, portraiture, composition, watercolor, oil, or acrylic, the experience will be enjoyable and fun. You will feel nurtured and supported as you develop your ability to visually express your innermost world. You will benefit from the collegial group atmosphere and peer input on your artwork and ideas.

Everyone in our group class will be working on something different which may include different media, different subject matter, different goals, and different skill levels.

Each week we will begin class with feedback on work accomplished and you will have the opportunity to articulate your intentions, successes, and failures.

The second part of the class will be devoted to supervised art creation and skill building with instant feedback and guidance.

There will be weekly prompts, guided lessons on technique, exercises, and reflections. For the first month, I will introduce confidence-building drawing and watercolor techniques.

Since everyone will be working independently, materials are not included.

Please reach out to me if this sounds like fun to you.

Details on pricing for this class are available on this page

Getting your unique message out into the world is more important than ever with so many places calling on you to share your intentions, your history, and your work. Your artist statement explains to the viewer what makes your work yours, what sets your work apart, and what makes you different from everyone else—even from artists whose work is similar. You need a statement on your website, for social media, when giving a talk, being interviewed on a podcast, requesting funding, or showing your artwork at an exhibition. Even if you are happy with your current artist statement, you and your work are always evolving, growing, and changing and your statement should evolve along with you. An artist statement invites the viewer to look closer and re-examine first impressions. You, the artist, talking and writing about your work, are in a position to provide language that shapes perception. If you have spent time in the contemporary art world you know that art can be hard to understand even for experienced artists. Your words can help your audience “see” and give them a compelling reason to look closer. Your art reflects your unique point of view, life experiences, identity, values, and what matters to you. What you create is part of your DNA and there will never be anyone else on earth exactly like you. Your choice of style, skill, subject matter, and medium is yours alone. Your artist statement is an opportunity for you to connect with your audience and convey what you do and who you are as an artist. Begin your writing process by defining your audience. Who are you writing for?; someone who might buy your art? art show judges? social media? sponsors? museum boards? teachers? students?

How: How did you make this? How did you use the medium or combine mediums? How did you physically engage with the creation? How is it constructed? How are you uniquely presenting the subject? How did accidents or discoveries lead you to the finished work? What: What is the viewer looking at? What is it made of? What was your process? What does it represent? What are you investigating? What was the initial inspiration? What could you say that would encourage looking closer? Why: What do you believe in? What belief are you investigating? How does personal belief/viewpoint/conviction come through your art? What emotion was primary while you made this artwork? I highly recommend consulting the book “Art-Write” by Vicki Krohn Amorose for her many sample sentences, jump-off questions, and sage advice. I featured several of her ideas here. She suggests that after you write your first draft, you should ask yourself the questions below and then re-write and revise your work again: Do my words explain what people are seeing? Is there a sentence I could translate from “artspeak” to plain language? Is this the truth? Do I fully understand what I wrote? What words might create a better understanding for the reader? What is my tone? Am I boring myself? What can I eliminate to be more concise? Does my statement encourage closer examination of the artwork?

Only you can write your artist statement. Your art reflects your unique point of view, life experiences, identity, values, and what matters to you - you deserve to be heard. Your artist statement explains to the viewer what makes your work yours, what sets your work apart, and what makes you different from everyone else—even from artists whose work is similar. If you would like to delve more deeply into your own inner questions and clarify your thoughts as you create an artist statement for your website, a gallery show, a sponsor, or another project, please reach out, and let’s talk. I have helped many students write compelling statements for AP Art, college applications, and competitions. I am here to support you in your artistic evolution. I invite you to allow me to lovingly guide, and accompany you in your artistic growth. With light and delight, Susan Convery

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