Rhythm and variation create harmony in music, dance and in art. These beautiful orange orchids appear to dance across the fence. Visually these flowers capture the joy and celebration we have for the end of 2020 and the new possibilities we will create in 2021.

The floral fantasies series is a new form of practice - work quick and loose with brightly colored paint. I am being deliberate with my drawing and compositional planning then, free, watery and unrestricted in my painting. Sometimes, I find myself so attached to the outcome being perfect that I lose the joy of the painting process. This is my antidote to that. Something about painting this way that captures the feeling and the joy of applying paint to paper.

These flowers grow on the path to Hollywood Beach, where daily they are exposed to extremes of heat, salt, wind and poor soil. They speak to me of persistence and self expression beauty despite current circumstances. A good reminder for me to bloom despite this long Covid isolation.

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