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Botanical Gelatin Plate Printing Workshop

Saturday, February 11, 2023

2 pm to 5 pm

at my home in Plantation, FL


includes all supplies and light snacks and tea.

This class will be limited to six participants to allow everyone a chance to make some art.

Botanical Monoprinting with gelatin plates is a lot of fun!

The softness of the gelatin plates allows you to capture and print great detail in your artwork. Gelatin printing is perfect for making paper to use in mixed media collages, art journaling, junk journaling, and index card art. Printing this way is energizing but also calming and meditative at the same time. It’s an act of creative flow. It starts with curiosity, wondering what on earth will happen, playing around with surface masks, doing experiments, and testing different layering scenarios. You can get delicate detailed impressions with a strong plate of gelatin and mere hand pressure.

We will use an inked printing plate consisting of a pan of gelatin, glycerin, and water. Then flowers, leaves, and other objects are laid down and covered with watercolor paper. After pressing firmly, the first printed artwork is lifted and revealed. A second copy of the same design is made after removing all of the flowers and leaves to show even more interesting delicate textures. After drying, the print is ready for further development or framing just the way it is.

This class will be limited to six participants to allow everyone a chance to make some art. All paper, ink, and other supplies are included but you can bring your own flowers, leaves, or other flat objects that might add texture and interest to your design. Tea, water, and light snacks will be offered.


per person payable in advance by Zelle or Venmo.


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