As your teacher/coach I am committed to:

Nurturing your development,

Offering positive, supportive guidance 


Challenging your perceptions and beliefs. 


I will encourage you to take risks and allow me to help you find your way through and over the obstacles you encounter. 


I will recommend specific art courses and competitions at local clubs, guilds and institutions to further enhance your growth and make the best use of your time. 

Susan Convery

Art Teacher/Coach

All Artist/Students receive:

Improved technical skills:

  • Knowledge of how to perceive and represent light/shadow on the form,  

  • Observation vs. Perception

  • Composition - Arranging visual elements for optimal impact

  • Color theory - Using color for its emotional content

  •  Depth of space - Creating the illusion on a two-dimensional surface 

  • Human figure proportions and expressions

  • Envision - Incorporating planning and revision into your process

Improved technique using a variety of media: 

  • oil

  • watercolor

  • gouache

  • acrylic

  • pastel

  • charcoal 

  • colored pencil


Advice regarding the use of tools: 

  • brushes, 

  • palette knives, 

  • texturing media, 

  • drawing shortcuts, 



  • A pathway out of the place where you get “stuck”

  • New questions to expand exploration/experimentation, perception

  • Trust in your ability to express your own ideas with imagery 

  • Recognition of your individual “vision” or “voice”

  • Problem-solving support for your artistic exploration and experimentation 



  • You will create your goals and I will be the support you need to engage and persist until you reach them.

  • Reflection on accomplishments and improvement as part of the artistic process


Understanding of the Art World:

Application of art history and knowledge of the questions and processes that engage the greater art world

© 2020 Susan Convery